테크노 프로듀서, DJ, 사운드 디자이너인 Soolee 는 통독 20주년을 기념한 세계적인 브랜드인We Call It Techno 를 통해 한국의 대표적인 테크노 뮤지션으로 소개되며, 지산락페스티벌,월드디제이 페스티벌, 글로벌 게더링, UMF 코리아 등 서울을 베이스로 많은 무대에서활약하였다. 국내에서는 Foundation Records 의 아티스트로 Ease into it, Flash Light, Breath앨범을 발표했으며, EBS 스페이스 공감에서 DJ 단독으로 라이브셋을 선보였고 재즈와전자음악을 접목한 미디어퍼포먼스 밴드인 Future Jazz 를 이끌고 있으며, Pudditorium의 NewSound Set 의 콜라보레이션, Mnet Asian Music Award 음악감독 등의 활동을 하였다. Soolee 는 해외 테크노씬에서도 Sienna Obscure, Credo, Newrhythmic Records 등 여러레이블을 통해 음반을 발매하였다. Alex Bau, Black Asteroid, Anderson Noise 로 부터 서포트를받으며 Soolee 의 트랙 Circle Back 이 세계적인 테크노 레이블 CLR 의 200회 기념 Podcast 에소개되기도 하였으며, 그가 이끄는 More Than Less Records 에서 발매한 Joton 의 Collision(Soolee remix) 는 테크노 레전드인 Surgeon 을 통해 영국의 저명한 라디오인 Rinse FM 에소개되기도 했다. 2012년 부터 Jin Kim 과 함께 Less n Less 레이블을 설립하여, Less n LessDJ 들과 함께 서울의 언더그라운드 테크노의 역사를 이어가고 있다.

Soolee first came to the spotlight as a techno artist in 2010 playing at the "We Call It Techno" event, which celebrated the 20th year of German Unity at the National Theatre Seoul. He continues to perform at some of the largest festivals and clubs in Korea such as the World DJ Festival, Global Gathering and Ultra Music Festival. His self developed sound effects and programming make his sound different to any other DJ. He has shared his style of progressive and experimental electronic music through his own albums 'ease into it', 'flash light' and 'breath'. In 2013 he performed a live set on a famous Korean TV music program. He has been awarded a prize from the KGIT international media arts competition for his interactive audiovisual performance band “Future Jazz" and was selected as “Big Boy” (best up and coming artist in the Korean arts scene). F.ound magazine has described him as an "Unbounded, unlimited future musician". He has had various releases through many worldwide Techno labels such as Sienna Obscure, Credo and Newrhythmic Records. His track “Circle Back” and the “I was insane last night” EP have received great praise and rotation in DJ sets by artists such as Alex Bau, Black Asteroid, Anderson Noise and many others. Circle Back was played by Black Asteroid on the 200th episode of CLR’s Podcast and his remix of Joton’s  “Collision” was played by Techno legend Surgeon on his show on Rinse FM.  

テクノプロデューサー、 DJ、サウンドデザイナーである Sooleeはドイツ統一20年を記念する世界的なブランド';We Call It Techno’で韓国を代表するテクノミュージシャンとして紹介され、JISAN ROCK FESTIVAL/WORLD DJ FESTIVAL/GLOBAL GATHERING/UMF KOREA など数多くの舞台で活躍した。EBSスペース共感でDJ一人でのライブセットを披露したり、Mnet Asian Music Award音楽監督として活動した華麗な履歴を持つ。ジャズと電子音楽をつなぎ合わせたメディアパフォーマンスバンドFuture JazzのリーダでありPudditorium의 NewSound Set コラボレーションにも参加。Sooleeは海外テクノシーンでもSienna Obscure, Credo, Newrhythmic Recordsなどのレーベルでアルバムを発売している。 Alex Bau, Black Asteroid, Anderson NoiseのサポートでSooleeのトラック ';Circle Back';が世界的なテクノレーベルCLRの200回記念Podcastに、More Than Less Recordsで発売されたJotonのCollision(Soolee remix)はSurgeonを通じイギリスのRinse FMに紹介された。2012年Jin Kimとともにレーベル’Less n Less’を設立、Less n Less DJたちとソウルアンダーグラウンドテクノの歴史を作っている。




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