MONOELS (모노엘스)

모노엘스는 테크노 프로듀서이자 오디오비주얼 아티스트이다.less n less 의 첫번째 앨범의 주인공인모노엘스는 프로그래밍을 통한 오디오와 비주얼이 함께하는 퍼포먼스를 펼친다. 그는 다양한 테크노파티에서 vj/lj로 참여하였다. 그는 클럽씬에서의 활동과 함께 순수예술영역에서 사운드를 기반으로한 회화,사운드 인스톨레이션 작업도 진행하고 있다.

Monoels is a progressive techno producer and VJ.He started his musical career playing guitar in bands in his high school days, but from the first time he encountered IDM his musical interests moved towards more electronic sounds. After seeing DJ Soolee’s techno performances in Seoul he became fascinated with the sound and once again altered his musical direction.In his live performances he combines his musical and visual productions. He works as a VJ and lighting designer in Korea and works with many popular DJs and clubs.Monoels’ interest in audio visual performances has led him to study and develop techniques in programs such as Quartz Composer and Ableton Live.He is currently in the process of developing a new sound installation.    

モノエルス(MONOELS)はテクノプロデューサー、オディオビジュアルアーティストである。<less n less>初アルバムの主人公でもあるモノエルスはプログラミングでオディオとビジュアルが交わるパフォーマンスをみせてくれる。様々なテクノパーティーでvj/ljとして活躍中の彼は芸術領域でもサウンドをもととした絵画、サウンドインストレーション作業を行っている。




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